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Map of a Greater Croatia in a 26 October 1939 article of the Ustaše Hrvatski Domobran newspaper associated with the Ustaše organization of the same name, Hrvatski Domobran, which sought recruitment of Croatian diaspora emigrants in Argentina and elsewhere.

The article rejected the Cvetković–Maček Agreement and the borders it provided to Croatia as insufficient.

The Ustaše claimed that such "Muslim Serbs" had to earn Croat status.

Pavelić and the Ustaše were allowed sanctuary in Italy by Mussolini after being exiled from Yugoslavia.

Pavelić had been in negotiations with Fascist Italy since 1927 that included advocating a territory-for-sovereignty swap in which he would tolerate Italy annexing its claimed territory in Dalmatia in exchange for Italy supporting the sovereignty of an independent Croatia.

The movement believed that natural rights existed to private property and ownership over small-scale means of production free from state control.

Armed struggle, revenge and terrorism were glorified by the Ustaše.

Another variation of the word ustati is ustanik (plural: ustanici) which means an insurgent, or a rebel.