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It IS about knowing that whether they stamp on it or not, you will regret for the rest of your life, if you did not offer it to them in the first place.And with all this newly, truly, learnt, dear reader, I have learnt something else.After a couple of false starts I found someone who I am very interested in. “Hi Krystyna, I am very glad to have found your blog.

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a loved one they had had never mentioned to me before in the years that I had known them.

But for me none of these deep centred feelings have ever really happened.

Dear friends, I am always looking to share new thoughts, ideas, expertise and different perspectives — not only on the Ukrainian dating industry, but also on relationship and marriage with Ukrainian and Russian ladies...

Dear friends, There are dozens if not hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian online dating websites out there claiming to help Western men meet the partner they’ve been looking for. Dear friends, The 7th of January is Christmas on the Orthodox calendar, and you may choose to celebrate with your orthodox brethren.

These past few months have led me to conversations with close friends where, for the first time, they have explained to me what, when everything is stripped down to the raw, bare bones, love really means to them.