To go from dating to relationship

If you know specifically what you want or are looking for from a relationship or a man it becomes much easier to identify if you are having your needs met or not.4) Expect to Make Mistakes and Learn from Them – Very often in life we want things to work out perfectly and when they don’t our emotions take control and we throw pity parties for ourselves.

After my ex-fiancé and I called off our wedding 3o days before we were to get married, I decided to take some time off.

I was 30 days away from committing myself to a relationship where I was very unhappy and completely unfulfilled. My relationship was everything that I didn’t want, yet somehow I found myself almost going thru with it. As a result of taking some time off I was able to see where I went wrong.

Yes, our educational system teaches us how to be teachers, lawyers, doctors and accountants.

But it teaches us very little about how to does not teach us how to succeed at these things.

In studying those individuals who were in happy and fulfilling relationships I discovered 5 characteristics they all shared.