Tools for consolidating grout in walls

Small indentation cut into the mortar bed by a trowel to prepare the mortar bed for the brick.

The international trade association for manufacturers of rotary kiln-produced expanded shale, expanded clay and expanded slate lightweight aggregate. This is performed only on granite and can be used both on interior and exterior stone.

Vertical or horizontal joints used to separate masonry into segments to control cracking. Also the surface of a masonry unit to be exposed in finished work. Sheet metal or plastic placed in mortar joints and air spaces in masonry for protection against water seepage.

A water-repellent or non-water absorbent fill material that pours readily into cores of masonry units or cavity type walls.

A cementitious component of highwater-cement ratio, permitting it to be poured into spaces within a masonry wall.

A predetermined percent of allowable imperfections for stone.