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She’s violent, bratty, self-centered, and insecure. She calls Ryūji ‘her dog’ and pretty much continues to do so for the entire length of the series. While the Taiga archetype is not without precedent in anime (see Shana from Shakugan no Shana as one example), most of them eventually have their edges softened.

Taiga pretty much remains the “Palm-Top Tiger”, though perhaps the writers felt that some of the incidents involving her clumsiness and obvious loneliness were enough to garner sympathy.

Video Quality [Rating:3/5] An obviously upscaled production, Toradora!

arrives on Blu-ray in an AVC/MPEG-4 1080p/24 encodement from NIS America that show a lot of video noise, motion artifacts in the form of aliasing/stairstepping around line art, and looks a bit soft.

Meanwhile, Ryūji loves to clean up and cook so Taiga becomes a regular fixture at the Takasu household, regularly dining with Ryūji and his single mother.