Unhappy dating

This wave of the empowered woman started more than 50 years ago, and it has taken us to great heights.

With women believing that they can do it all and we ARE doing it all, however, along the way it’s supported a belief system that if a man does something for me, then I am less of a woman, and that is not the case!

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More than six out of ten adults in a relationship admit there is a lot they could do to improve their love life - and four out of ten admit they have considered leaving their partner. A study of 3,000 couples also showed a lack of sex, spontaneity, affection and romance makes it hard to maintain a loving relationship. Half of those questioned believed they were stuck in a rut with their sex life and had no idea how to re-create the passion they once enjoyed.

In fact, most couples only rate their sex life as being six out of ten - and 25 per cent claim activity in the bedroom is more perfunctory than perfect.1. Forty six per cent of people wished their loved-one initiated sex more often and 45 per cent said they would like it if they were more adventurous in the bedroom.

Yes, it’s experienced in something as small as being turned down when trying to get the door.

Men are literally frozen in their tracks because one woman wants him to pick a place while another wants options, one woman wants her door opened for her, but not her car door, one woman wants him to carry the grocery bags while another thinks it’s silly for him to carry them all, and the list goes on and on.

Sure, some of the complaints are cultural to the time, but regardless women have always been frustrated.