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Canon Digital Photography Forums (photography-on-the.net) This forum was started by Pekka Saarinen and it is all about discussing Canon only photography gear and photography techniques. Required registration to visit all categories as the marketplace where users can trade, buy or sell user or new gear or access the nude photography category which are hidden from unregistered users.

As of April 2014, it has 16,322,862 posts and 395,622 members. The Photo Forum (thephotoforum.com) This forum has wide variety of digital photography topics.

From experts who are willing and happy to help, to thinking-they-know-all pseudo “experts” who derive their happiness from putting everyone else down and criticizing the majority of users and images on display, as well as very new to photography users who can have genuine but annoying basics questions.

it’s a good idea to keep this in mind and don’t take anything personally or you might lose your sleep over aggressive comments and offensive remarks.

It has good user interface, plenty of categories: gear, techniques, weddings, portraits, wildlife. The members are very involved and provide very useful comments and information.