Updating dns server nsd is not the configured local nameserver gambar cikaro melayu main pancut dalam pepek

The finished forward zone for our demo should look like this: Next, we can take care of the reverse zone.

A reverse zone is basically a zone file that allows DNS software to map an IP address back to a host name for clients.

Software like the Bind DNS server is incredibly flexible and can be configured to operate as many of the components in the overall DNS hierarchy.

However, that flexibility also means that Bind is not optimized for any one task. Most of the time there are huge chunks of functionality that your configuration has no need for.

We will also provide configuration data that will let clients reach a web server on a third host.

We will be using the dummy domain After you are finished with this guide, you should have the first two servers configured with NSD to act as authoritative-only server for your zones.

To solve this problem, alternative DNS servers have been created that specialize in a single area of DNS resolution.