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In the event of this lawsuit proceeding further, it will be interesting to see whether Veloz' lawyers can prove that Beas' Facebook status was updated while she was driving.Her mother reportedly told the Tribune on Tuesday that her daughter's update--saying that she needed to go to the gym--was written while waiting for her car to warm up outside her boyfriend's house.

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This, the claimant alleges, was precisely the same time that Veloz had made a 911 call.

Beas--as well as the driver with whom Veloz had had an accident--reportedly told police at the time that her ability to see had been adversely affected by the sun.

The house is two miles away from the accident scene.

Cabrales' lawyer, David Wise, reportedly told the Tribune that he needed to discover whether the timing mechanisms of both Veloz' cell phone and Beas' were in sync.

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