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Enjoy and experience the exceptionally new look and smooth performance of your device with this ROM.If you face any kind of difficulty, trouble or have any issue with this stuff then don’t hesitate to inform us.You must note that this ROM is in its initial stage and is still under development so it may contain some bugs.

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Know that things like game progress, message histories, photos and videos — as well as the data for all your applications — may be gone forever, because a downgrade of the OS always requires a full device wipe.

Check into the various backup and restore apps, get your photos and videos into Google or other online storage, and be sure to talk to your friends and fellow users in the forums you click any buttons.

In this segment of Ask AC, we tackle what you need to know before you decide to downgrade Android on your phone. When a new version of Android (or anything, for that matter) is announced, we start bouncing off the walls and worrying about when we get a chance to have it and enjoy the changes.

When it's a new version of our operating system, things get even more frantic.

First you'll have to figure out to downgrade, which we'll talk more about later.