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The use of a central pharmacy offers a number of advantages over immediate-use compounding in a patient area.

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This article discusses the unique skill set required by pharmacists to accomplish and maintain these processes.

While the safety of compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) has been an important topic in the practice of pharmacy for decades, the recent tragic deaths related to fungal contamination of preservative-free methylprednisolone injection have once again put the topic on the national stage.

Table 1: USP BUD = beyond use date; ISO = International Organization for Standardization; TPN = total parenteral nutrition.

Revisions to the chapter in 2008 defined an immediate-use category that is notably exempt from preparation in an International Organization for Standardization Class 5 environment, and therefore may be compounded more generally outside the pharmacy area.

Monographs for Bulk Drug Substances and Other Ingredients provide standards for identity, quality, purity, strength, packaging and labeling for bulk substances and other ingredients that may be used in compounded preparations.