Usps express tracking not updating 2016

A package will usually be scanned a couple times on its way to you. If you notice that a package does not have a scan but we have emailed you that it shipped, don't worry!

Unlike UPS/Fed Ex, its not unusual for a package to make it all the way to you without a scan until it is actually delivered If your order does not arrive by the above mentioned time, please contact the USPS directly through your local post office to inquire about the status of your package.

I used to get the magazine within two weeks of it being sent. Luckily NUTRASCIENCE agreed to send me another bottle with no charge! Delivery text came in telling me that they'd been delivered and were on my porch.

I just don't understand how USPS can be so dim witted and simply avoid responsibility for their sloppy handling of parcels! (BTW, I live in the sleepiest community in Cedar Park, TX and no other packages for three-years have come up missing.) The next day I call the Cedar Park post office and was told that they'd have the carrier call me.

Often times, your package is at your local post office waiting for you.