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Visible World enables addressable and programmatic TV advertising that is relevant to consumers, more effective for advertisers, and more valuable for ad inventory.

Our partnership leverages automated versioning associated with targeted offers and calls-to-action, making is easy and cost efficient to create versions and further target ads.

TV App Agency has partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to integrate a leading video management system into the TV App Engine to provide seamless streaming capabilities.

This simple integration enables content from mpx users to be easily accessible through a TV App across multiple smart TV platforms maximizing reach and making the transition onto OTT applications simpler, faster and far more cost effective. As the operators of the biggest Word Press website on the internet, they have an expertise in running the entire stack for companies that have websites based on the Word Press platform.

Free Wheel has partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to create an integration that allows for full utilization of Free Wheel’s MRM interface and ad management platform.