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Hence they are referred as "Peripheral Folk Deity".

21 associate deities and 61 servant deities are located in either the same premises or located in different places of the locality, for e.g.: Amman deities may be installed in the centre of the village but the Sonai, Sudalai or the Formless Nadukkal deities may be installed close to graveyards (cemeteries or burial and sometimes, also near memorial centres).

Unfortunately there are several other species that are anything but pests, most of which are beneficial, but due to their appearance, habits and association with superstitious beliefs, they are regarded as pests. Fort is the only local pest control company that is constituted on eco-friendly beliefs offering services aimed to primarily satisfy the client’s needs whilst ensuring that these protected species are returned to their natural habitat safe and unharmed.

There are a number of scheduled sites in the Maltese islands that are protected due to the natural habitats they house.

These Village deities are either represented in the form of a huge, fierce statue or as a simple stone.

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