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First, of course, Arya must endure their crude reenactment of her family's plight, but when she sneaks backstage, she discovers that Lady Crane seems pretty okay when she's not playing Cersei Lannister.

It seems that a younger, jealous actress wants Lady Crane dead. Come in as hired guns for community theater squabbles?

It's easy to forget, with all their religious solemnity and cryptic language, that these folks are just magical hitmen.

Arya may be forced to abandon her own personal vendettas if she wants to join them, but that doesn't mean she won't be hired to engage in far pettier shit.

That one awful Child of the Forest suicide bombs a bunch of wights with her magic blue fireball ( 50 for Children of the Forest; my god, what is this show? It's a little harsh, but I'm not questioning Meera's judgement — it's clear that Bran is a timespace-hopping wizard who must be protected at all costs.