We are updating our files

It seems quite intricate, but hopefully it makes sense laid out like this.The trick is remembering that we can’t retain any aspects of the previous "Non Business Hours Action", as they’re completely over-written when we add the new one in Step 7.

we are updating our files-28

Congrats to those of you who I have spoken to recently who have landed new careers...semingly most are out of the window and door industry.

PDF Splitter & Merger is a handy and user-friendly PDF tool making splitting and merging PDFs a breeze!

In an effort to stay current with each of your information, over the course of the next few weeks we will be sending emails out to you all to update the information we have on file for you.

Mentioning this here as I know receiving a somewhat generic email at times can feel quite impersonal...probably because it is!

At Tom Tom, we're all about helping you get around.

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