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This weekend away was so special and unforgettable!

For anyone who has ever been to a Korean Spa, this exfoliating cloth is similar to what they use.

It really, really exfoliates, so for those with super sensitive skin it might not be the best option. Use this everywhere but on elbows, knees and ankles.

The funny thing is, once I get started I know it will go quickly! My gift to myself is going to be clearing my conscious of these nagging tasks. I like to have standing days and times for workouts, hikes with Lexi and Harley, date nights with Brooks, time with my girls, and, equally important, some ME time.

Knowing what lies ahead week after week makes me feel organized, and with the Move Tour right around the corner, I need all the organization and sanity I can possibly get.

She might live what feels like a million miles away, but we make an effort to touch base as often as possible.