Who is kenny chesney dating right now

He didn’t go out for the team until his junior year; he played wide-receiver.

“It all started for me on that field,” Chesney says.

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It was because of football that our relationship got better.

We even went to the Super Bowl.” Does Chesney dream of playing the Super Bowl halftime show?

Yearbook photos of Kenny and other celebs who played high school football “I stopped [touring] because I need to feed this,” he says, grabbing a fistful of his T-shirt right where his heart is. Chesney’s sweetness comes in large part from being raised so well by his mother, Karen, a hairstylist, who was only 19 when she gave birth to him and was divorced soon after he was born. Karen was a working single mom for most of his childhood before marrying his stepfather.

She divorced again when her son was in high school and recently married for a third time.

“If I was asked to do it—yeah, I probably would.” What he wants to do right now, however, is get the word out about “I feel a responsibility to myself—the self that was that kid,” he says.