Windows media player album art not updating steve nash dating elizabeth hurley

And then I tried playing it on vlc so the group can practice the mixed dance song I made.And to my surprise it showed an album cover(album art) of a naked woman(PORN) and text reads "I'm Hornie".

windows media player album art not updating-54

On Windows: %appdata%\VLC\Art Thankss for your reply...

no joy unfortunately, this didn't make any difference.

Its a good thing I tried to play it first on vlc and discovered this.

Imagine the embarrassment that might have taken place on me when I played it unknowingly that it has that problem at the Church service with the Audio visual equipment and people will see this.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf - VLC media player developer, Video LAN President and Sites administrator If you want an answer to your question, just be specific and precise. Hi, I join this forum because when I load a folder or a play when Johann Sebastian Bach is in the Artist ... I have found that vlc displays the wrong artwork if there is no artwork saved in the tag of the audio file you are playing.