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With Qlik, we now have on-demand access to sales data that is refreshed every 45 minutes." "Qlik has helped LUSH deliver a central point for live data analysis, contributing to savings of over £1 million in stock loss within 2 years.It’s working with us as a business in giving our people instant access to the information they want and allowing them to find that information very quickly and easily online." "Building up a Qlik knowledge base enables our students to excel in data analytics in the real world.

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On 19 October, Australian Foreign Minister Ms Julie Bishop launched the results of a survey on travel insurance behaviour of Australians.

There are people out there, just like you, and your book will help those people. But sometimes, you can have a great book that just doesn’t have a clear-cut audience that the publisher can market to and it doesn’t get picked up.

But it’s actually not usually a good thing to point out that no book like yours exists on the market. And sometimes you have a fairly crappy book written by a celebrity who brings with her a clear-cut market and they publish her book because they know they can move copies.

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