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The “sting” has drawn a lot of publicity around the issue, including some criticism of Terre des Hommes for attempting to take the law into their own hands, or for basing their findings on a computer model.Rather, Terre des Hommes have managed to produce a tool for law enforcement agencies to use to deter the exponential growth of this practice.

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However, both child prostitution and child sex tourism are mostly centred in urban environments and this is where webcam child sex tourism (WCST) abuse differs greatly in it’s scope.

Any person with an internet connection and webcam can theoretically set up a brothel in their own house or at another location.

Many of these children will go on to become prostitutes and lady boys.

Law enforcement has not kept up with this sordid off-shoot of the social media revolution.

So how best to tackle this crime before it falls under control of criminal gangs (like the multi-billion dollar child pornography “industry”)?