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In Sudan's Darfur region, where violence and genocide are rampant, women risk their lives every day performing tasks as seemingly mundane as seeking out firewood.But, from his suburban home, one Maryland teen has dedicated himself to making life a little safer for those women.

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Spencer Brodsky, 17, learned about the violence and decided to raise money to purchase fuel-efficient stoves to send to Darfur. Brodsky reasons that if he can do something to keep Sudanese women in the camps, this would decrease the likelihood of violence."We need to be able to benefit them in any way that we can so they don't have to be out as many times of their compound," he said.

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Bleecker Bob's on West 3rd Street is to soon become a Starbuck's (yeah, `cos we NEED another of those, don't we?

Quick hits today: Better hearing will have to wait one more day, as the audiologist said my equipment will not reach the arctic north till tomorrow. ---From the office of pulling numbers out from behind their ears: "1 in 3 Americans have lost a job or knows someone who has"Honestly, that number should be 2 in 3 or even 3 in 4.

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) came more bad news this morning courtesy of EV Grieve, that being that Rockit Scientist Records on St. Rockit Scientist was never my favorite shop (I much preferred that location's incarnation as Smash CDs, which later changed its name to NYCD and moved to a couple of perches on the Upper West Side before it, too, surrendered), but I did indeed shop there on occasion.