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The video clip circulated from phone to phone among their conservative community. By ending their lives with his gun, the step-brother was trying to wash away the supposed shame his sisters had brought upon the family, thus reclaiming their honor or , as it is called in Urdu.

Some say the video and honor killing were part of a plot to maneuver his stepmother out of the family property.

The tagging, titles and comments around these often innocent videos is almost always sexualized.

To highlight the range of ways in which videos made by Pakistanis for private consumption are misappropriated, Global Voices Online concealed the faces of the dancers and used the You Tube clips to create a short film.

Beauty in the Eye of the beholder is the phrase that comes to mind and clearly these eyes found neither beauty nor anything else; just endless violence, loud mouthed posturing, old fat men serenading obese garishly painted lycra sluts in public gardens and endless fight scenes with women not being spared the odd humongous slap and blow or two.