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The oceans have been so severely diminished that there’s a good chance we could kill them. The changes we thought were happening in the future, but we are actually seeing them happening now. The whole of the world in the next few decades to 50 years.

And if the oceans die, we die.” – Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder, to , Autumn 2010 “The change we are seeing at the moment is taking place extremely rapidly, and it is the speed of change. I find it very difficult to tell people what a scary situation we are in at the moment. We will see great changes taking place in our world.” – Professor Chris Reid, Marine Institute, University of Plymouth and Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Science; 2011 “River flows in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan have been depleted by 50- to 90-percent in the last half century.

We have to stop burying our heads in the sand and take action, even if it means doing something as simple as sharing this book with friends and associates..” – Cherie Soria, Living Light International; Living Light Culinary Institute; Raw Food the history of Earth there have been a number of mass extinctions caused by various catastrophic events, including meteorite collisions and volcanic eruptions.

It is recognized that there have been five great extinctions.

There are some scientific estimates, there are something like up to 9 million species associated just with coral reefs.