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"I tap my foot a lot with everything," the gregarious singer says during a break after filming the scenes on the bed.

"I felt myself a couple of times, he's singing his part and I'm just sitting there [tapping my foot]. Even when I was doing my part, I felt like I was fidgeting.

was invited to the Nashville set of the "My Bed" video shoot recently, Sweeney proved she was in fine comic form, but the divorced and now-remarried singer also called on her acting chops (and some still-raw personal memories) to conjure up the emotions needed to convey the song's dark lyrics when the cameras were rolling. My kids asked me, ' Daddy, why do you always wear the same clothes?

Although the clip includes images of a wedding and of the duet partners performing the song together, for the scenes that reflect the song's title, Sweeney was seated on one side of the bed, while her co-star was on the other, with his back to her and to the camera. " Sweeney asked the video's director, Michael Poncé. '" As for their spouses and how they dealt with the two performers spending the day together in bed, Hoge tells , "Our significant others are thrilled about it.

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