Yue xu dating coach

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I always get the question of who should pay for dinner on dates.

The 60/40 split addresses many of the problems found in the traditional 100/0 split or the modern 50/50 by offering the right balance of tradition and gender equality: Problems with 100/0 Obviously, the 60/40 would not apply to dates where two people are highly polarized either in income, status (celeb dating a pedestrian), or age.

He holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology which he used as a residential counselor and dating coach.

Michael made the jump from San Francisco to sunny San Diego and we wish him luck in his endeavors in the sunny part of the state.

From what I’ve seen and heard, the 60/40 split is what usually works best.

This means that the guy covers the “bigger” purchases (dinners, show tickets) and the girl pays for the “smaller” purchases (cab rides, tip).

Yue has lived in SF for almost 2 years with the rest of her adult life split between New York, Beijing, and Los Angeles.